Centre of Innovations’ Implementation and Promotion in Olsztyn supports development of innovation in the Warmia and Mazury region. Through several activities such as: the organization of events designed to stimulate innovative thinking, promoting cooperation between enterprises and scientific institutions, business institutions, schools and local government units, the Centre creates favorable conditions for development of innovative entrepreneurship and inventiveness. Organization of those initiatives aims at exchanging experiences regarding introduction of innovative solutions in business, transferring knowledge of financing options and encouraging cooperation with the R & D sector. This cooperation will increase technology transfer, diffusion of innovation, and the formation of clusters with high level of innovation. In addition, Centre creates a good climate for entrepreneurship by offering office and conference spaces on preferential terms.

Axis 1 Entrepreneurship

Measure 1.1 Increase in companies’ competitiveness

Sub-measure 1.1.11 Regional System of Supporting Innovation

Name of Beneficiary: Warmia and Mazury Regional Development Agency JSC in Olsztyn

The volume of financing: 9 764 711,51 zł